Pets occupy a very significant place in our lives and ones who own any kind of furry friend know that they are more like family members than pets. This, however comes with an unavoidable, fix when you have to travel. Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when you prepare to travel with your pets.Here are the tips for Pets:

  1. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to take your pet to the veterinarian before embarking on your trip. This is all the more important if your pet is travelling for the first time.
  2. If you are flying with your pet, make sure to double check the airline’s pet policies. Some airlines have very stringent pet policies and overlooking any pointer in their manual might bring upon chaos at the airport for you.
  3. If your pet is allowed in the cabin, take care of the fact that the crate is well placed within the permitted area so that no fellow passenger gets the opportunity to raise any complaints.
  4. In case if your pet does not qualify for a cabin flight and is transferred to a cargo trip in a crate, it is imperative that you don’t show your concerns to your pet. It is pretty normal to feel bad about it but pets can detect your emotions and it is advisable that you let out positive vibes.
  5. Transporting your pet to the crate is also very crucial. Refrain from pushing him into it; rather let him go inside on his own.
  6. Make sure that your pet is well exercised before the flight. Lack of excess energy will help him take a nap and the travel duration will be cut short.
  7. Keep a familiar toy or a ball in the crate so that your pet gets to kill its time on board.
  8. If you are flying out of the country, check with your local authorities and the country you are heading for the required documents to carry a pet.
  9. In case of a long road trip, take your pet for some shorter drives and notice its reactions. Is showing signs of anxiety? Is it prone to travel sickness?
  10. Remember to buckle up your pet properly. A freely wondering pet not only causes disturbance to the driver but also creates threats to its own safety. Items like a pet barrier; pet seat belt and pet care seat can come very handy here.
  11. Pets, particularly dogs have the habit of sticking its head out of the window. This is an obvious safety hazard and one should be very careful with that.
  12. Keep your pet hydrated and take pit stops and allow it to take a walk or better a brief run.
  13. Be careful while picking up a hotel. Many hotels do not entertain pets and should go through their policies very careful before booking.
  14. On a vacation, keep a strict vigilance on what you are feeding your pet. It is not necessary that the diet plan you follow in your native place is going to work in a different place. The weather of the place plays a vital role in deciding upon your pet’s food chart on a vacation. Keep your vet on speed dial.

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