25 Harmful Foods for Your Cat

Harmful Foods For Your Cat :


harmful foods for your cat

This is One of the harmful foods for your cat.Everyone loves to have the onion but this popular vegetable is very harmful to your cat.
Onions whether cooked or raw are a big danger to cats as it takes a very small amount of onions to poison them.
Onion contains sulfoxides and disulfides and can damage red blood cells and cause anemia.


A herbaceous plant, rhubarb has juicy stems that are used in cooking, but its leaves are poisonous. Their leaves contain oxalic acids and corrosive acids that can affect the digestive, nervous, and urinary systems of your cat.


Large quantity of Caffeine might be fatal for your cat. And there is no remedy. Symptoms of caffeine poisoning are restlessness, rapid breathing, heart trembles, muscle shivering, and fits.

22. Vitamin supplements

Cats should not be fed human vitamin supplements, particularly those that contain iron as it can damage the lining of their digestive system and be toxic to the other organs including liver and kidneys. And never give your cat any medicine unless advised to do so by your vet.

21. Chewing Gum

This is One of the harmful foods for your cat.The odds are pretty low that your cat will have a piece of chewing gum, and if it does then it is likely to end up in a serious trouble. Sugarless gums are one of the most dangerous foods for cats and dogs as they contain a natural sweetener, xylitol, that is deadly to most animals. It causes your pet’s insulin to spike, blood sugar levels will drop, possible unconsciousness, and even death.

20. Canned Tuna

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